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Bossinensis, Franciscus

Dates de naixement i mort: 
b. Bosnia?, fl. 1509-1511
Data de naixement: 
15/4 (?)
Data de defunció: 
16/1 (?)
Tipus de músic: 

According to Joan Wess, Grove Music Online: "Italian arranger and composer of lute music. His only known works are two collections of frottolas for voice and lute printed by Petrucci in 1509 and 1511. Altogether they contain 126 frottolas and 46 ricercares. The frottolas are transcriptions of four-voice models by Tromboncino, Cara, Pesenti, F. d’Ana, F. de Luprano, A. Capriola and others, of which all but 16 had already appeared in Petrucci’s frottola publications. (Some of the others may have been taken from Petrucci’s tenth book, now lost.) Bossinensis intabulated the tenor and bass parts for the lute, omitting the altus, and set the vocal line above the tablature in mensural notation. Lute tunings in D, E, G and A are implied by the relation between the tablature and the vocal notation. The Italian lute tablature is explained in the ‘Regula per quelli che non sanno cantare’ which appeared in all Petrucci’s lute publications....". 

Fonts (Impreses)

Date Provenance/Origins/Place of publication
E-Sco 12-1-05 [RISM 1509/3] 16/1 (1509) Other countries, Europa, Italia, Roma, Venezia/Venice/Venecia
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Emilio Ros-Fábregas, "Bossinensis, Franciscus", Books of Hispanic Polyphony, ed. E. Ros-Fábregas (accession date: 21 Oct 2021),