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Iglesia/Església de la Transfiguració del Senyor, Juneda (Lleida)


Although the extant church was dedicated on 17 November 1748, it is most likely that it was built on the site of a previous one.
The volume containing three Morales choirbooks bound together, printed by Jacques Moderne in 1546, 1551 and 1552 respectively, located today at the Museu de Lleida Diocesà i Comarcal, originally came from Juneda. The first choirbook contains on fol. 97 the following inscription: ‘Josephus Torres mestre de Juneda’.

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Emilio Ros-Fábregas, "Iglesia/Església de la Transfiguració del Senyor, Juneda (Lleida)", Books of Hispanic Polyphony, ed. E. Ros-Fábregas (accession date: 21 Oct 2021),