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03. Gloria

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Title (MS and ff.) Title Attribution Date
E-Asa 12 (No.04) Kyrie eleison Sepúlveda, Francisco de 17/1 (ca. 1600)
E-Bbc 585 (39r-40r) Et in terra pax hominibus Pujol, Felipe 17/1
E-Boc 05 (60v-61r) Kyrie Plaja, Alonso de la 15/4-16/1
E-Boc 05 (66r and 68v) Et in terra pax Anon. 15/4-16/1

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Bogotá (Colombia), Archivo Capitular de la Catedral de Bogotá, Caja 107, “Inventarios”, 10 fols. No foliation, dated on 8 January, 1632 (recorded in a latter copy of 16 April, 1635).
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[Inventory of music books kept in the Cathedral of Bogotá on 8 January, 1632]