List of genres


A search by genre generates one or two tables. If we have not inventoried yet pieces of a particular genre (for instance "instrumental" genres), a "List of sources" will indicate manuscripts and/or printed books in which we have located the presence of that particular genre. If we have inventoried specific works of a particular genre, for instance "Motet", then the "List of sources" will be preceded by a "List of works in genre" presenting the motets in the database organized by source, with additional options to present them in alphabetical order of title, of name of composer or organized by date. At the end of the page, you may also find additional links to "Related documentation" (for instance, to music inventories containing works in that particular genre) and "Bibliography". The plainchant option serves to locate polyphonic sources with plainchant or some plainchant sources with polyphony. We are still working on the list of genres to improve the results.