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Museu Diocesà de Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca

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MS 14/1-4



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vol. 53
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A late medieval musical manuscript from a nunnery at Palma de Mallorca, contains a rich repertory of hitherto un-know pieces with numerous particularities. It mixes pieces of monastic liturgy in plain chant an in mensural notation and includes monodic mensural and poliphonic pieces from the XIVth century, a good deal of tropes and some latin works with musical repetitions, quite similar to the latin laude, as well as songs to be inserted in the liturgy of the Mass which could be considered as dance music. These last pieces and some others show the strong connection of the manuscript with Italian con-temporary sources. Moreover, numerous indications in the manuscript from Palma regarding the interpretation of the pieces provide with very interesting information about how singing was performed at the nunneries during that period.


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