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Iglesia de Santa María, Tolosa (Guipúzcoa)

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before 1665 Nájera (living in and/or chapelmaster)
1667—1671 Tolosa (Iglesia de Santa María) (chapelmaster)
1671-XI-13—1688 Catedral de Santo Domingo de La Calzada (chapelmaster)
after 1688-II-27 Catedral de Tarazona (chapelmaster)

According to López-Calo (1999-2002), p. 439, Francisco García de Córdoba is the composer of two extant motets and five villancicos in "papeles sueltos". The motets are at Santo Domingo de la Calzada (see López-Calo,1988), p. 30, and the villancicos in Barcelona, Segovia and Zaragoza. López-Calo, following Donostia (1955), states that García de Córdoba became chapelmaster at Tolosa's church of Santa María ca. 1665, but Donostia (1955), p. 134, was referring to 1667, the date in which the previous chapelmaster finished his service between 1665 and 1667.


A hitherto unnoticed, faint inscription in E-TZ 04 (upper margin of fol. 17) mentions Francisco García de Córdoba as chapelmaster when he was in Tarazona (after 1688): "... año...96 a 29 de deciembre... siendo Maestro de capilla / el Sr. Dn. Fran[cis]co Garzia de cordoba y &c". The inscription appears in the opening of Melchor Robledo's Agnus Dei of his Missa De beata virgine Rex regum. This inscription indicates that the manuscript was being used by García de Córdoba (and in particular this mass by Robledo) at least a century after the date in which it was copied.

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Tarazona, second half of the 17th century



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Unpublished paper accessible in internet: "Marzo 2006 1ª versión. Registro General de la Propiedad Intelectual nº SS-56-06 del día 31 de marzo del 2006. Febrero 2007, 2ª versión. Registro General de la Propiedad Intelectual nº SS-356-07 del día 4 de diciembre del 2007. Asiento Registral 00/2008/3497. Departamento de Cultura del Gobierno Vasco".

Following the article by Donostia (1955), it includes a section on chapelmasters at the the church of Santa María de Tolosa, including Francisco García de Córdoba (1667-1671) on p. 44. By the same author, see publications about music at the church of Santa María de Tolosa in the following link:


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