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Parroquia de la Asunción, Briones (La Rioja). Archivo Musical

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Birth date: 
19/1 (?)
Death date: 
19/4 (1888)
Periods of service: 
Parroquia de la Asunción, Briones (La Rioja) 1826-1874/1888

The chapelmaster at the parish church of Santa María in Briones (La Rioja), Lorenzo Mª de Polidura y Calderon, has works in Latin and Spanish kept at the parish archive, but apparently none in the polyphonic choirbooks. However, on fols. 16v-17 of E-BRI 50 there is an inscription in which Polidura is mentioned as a copyist of at least the Asperges by Manuel Rábago.

There is a discrepancy between Carreira and Camacho regarding the last date of activity for this composer; Carreira (p. 869) indicates 1888 and Camacho 1874 (p. 243), and thus we have indicated both dates.

Submission’s author: 
fl. 1826-1874/1888

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