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Abadia de Montserrat (Barcelona). Biblioteca i Arxiu Musical


In addition to the library (Biblioteca), whose manuscripts were first catalogued by Olivar (1977) and whose contents can be searched in an online catalog, the Montserrat Abbey has an important, separate music archive (Arxiu Musical) with music from the 17th through the 20th centuries in process of being catalogued. For more information, see the following link: Biblioteca de Montserrat.

The Montserrat manuscript choirbooks of polyphony purchased from the Madrid convent of the Encarnación in the 20th century are in the Biblioteca; in the present database, at the moment, the only items from the Arxiu Musical are the Ms. 22, 25 and 2991, but others will be added in the future.

I would like to thank the librarians of the Biblioteca de Montserrat and father Daniel Codina, in charge of the Archive, for facilitating my work for this project, still in process, of including detailed inventories of each choirbook.

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Birth date: 
19/1 (1816)
Death date: 
19/4 (1891)
Periods of service: 
1832 - 1850 Cardona y posteriormente en Berga, organista
1850 -1859 Terrassa, Església del Sant Esperit, maestro de capilla
1859 - 1864 Montserrat, director de la Escolanía
1864 - 1891 Cuba y más tarde en Argentina (Buenos Aires)

According to Ballester: "En Montserrat y en Terrassa se conservan diversas obras cedidas por el compositor, entre las que destacan dos sinfonías a gran orquesta, dos misas de réquiem a 3 voces, solistas y orquesta, una misa a 4 voces, coro y orquesta, así como diversos himnos, rosarios, salves, gozos a la Virgen y Santa Cecilia y villancicos".

According to David Pujol, vol. II, vii, Bartomeu Blanch copied works by Joan Cererols; see E-MO 22 and E-MO 25.

Submission’s author: 
Monistrol de Montserrat, Barcelona, 30-XI-1816 — Buenos Aires, 1891
Martorell, Barcelona, 9-IX-1618 — Montserrat, Barcelona, 27-VIII-1680


Birth date: 
17/3 (1669)
Death date: 
18/1 (1723)
Periods of service: 
1678-1679 Abadía de Montserrat (choirboy)
1689-1696 Monasterio de San Martín, Madrid (organista)
1696-1705 Abadía de Montserrat (maestro de capilla)
1705-1715 Monsaterio benedictino, Valladolid (organista)
1715-1718 Abadía de Montserrat
1722 Prior de Alcañiz, Teruel
Submission’s author: 
Villarroya de la Sierra, Zaragoza, 1-III-1669 — Zaragoza, 1723



Vol. of music collection: 
Subject person: 
Subject source: 
Subject location: 
Type of publication: 
David Pujol, vol. IV, p. viii, mistakenly referred to E-Bbc 1168 as E-Bbc 1198.


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