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Catedral de Jaca (Huesca). Archivo


We have not been able to confirm yet the presence in the Catedral de Jaca of these printed partbooks by Croce and Palestrina mentioned in Printed Sacred Music Database; see the following link:

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Birth date: 
17/3 (1666)
Death date: 
18/2 (1733)
Periods of service: 
18-IX-1685—III-1686: Colegiata de Santa María de los Sagrados Corporales
24-VIII-1686—1690: Catedral de Lleida
1698—5-V-1700: Catedral de Jaca
V-1700—1707: Catedral-Basílica del Pilar, Zaragoza
1707-1710: Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales, Madrid
6-VI-1710—20-III-1733: Catedral de Toledo
Submission’s author: 
Puebla de Albortón, Zaragoza, 29-IX-1666 — Toledo, 20-III-1733

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