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Arquivo da Sé Metropolitana, Évora, Portugal

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16/3 (?)
Death date: 
17/1 (?)
Periods of service: 
1590—1599: Cathedral of Évora (singer and other undesignated services)

Since the publications of Robert Stevenson (in particular his seminal book Renaissance and Baroque Musical Sources in the Americas, 1970), most scholars agreed in that the Gaspar Fernandes listed as a singer in the cathedral of Évora, Portugal, in the 1590s was the same person as the Gaspar Fernández who was hired as chapelmaster first in Guatemala Cathedral and later in Puebla Cathedral. However, documentation located by Omar Morales (2013) indicates that the singer Gaspar Fernandes “de Évora” cannot be identified with the Gaspar Fernández documented in Guatemala and Puebla, whose period of service in the Guatemalan cathedral, since at least 1596, coincides with the presence of the singer Gaspar Fernandes “de Évora” in that Portuguese cathedral in 1599. They are clearly two different musicians.

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fl. Évora, Portugal, 1590 — 1599

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