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Iglesia del Sagrario, Sevilla

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Birth date: 
16/2 (?)
Death date: 
17/1 (?)
Periods of service: 
1594 (7-II)—1605 Iglesia del Sagrario, Sevilla
1605 (12-VIII)—1607 (13-III) Colegiata de Antequera, Málaga

Unknown composer. Several lost works appear attributed to "Bargas" or "Vargas" in the 16th-century inventories of polyphonic choirbooks at Tarazona Cathedral. Perhaps this Vargas could be the Juan de Vargas "resident in Seville" who occupied positions as organist and teacher of choirboys in Seville and Antequera (Málaga). A motet for three voices, Popule meus quid feci tibi, found in the Legajo 30 at Puebla Cathedral in Mexico attributed to Vargas could be by him too. 

Submission’s author: 
fl. late 16th century

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