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Court of Savoy

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Birth date: 
15/2 (?)
Death date: 
Periods of service: 
1450-1464 Court of Savoy, singer and organist
1469-1479 Aragonese Court of Naples, singer, composer, scribe

According to Atlas (2001), p. 648: "By August 1469 he [Vincenet] was at the Aragonese court of Naples, where a payroll notice dated 14 August reads: 'To Vinxenet de Enaut, singer of the chapel of His Majesty the King [Ferrante I] viii ducats, for writing and notating viii polyphonic offices for the said chapel, which offices he has delivered to Mossen Pere Brusca [the king's maestro du cappella].' Thus Vincenet was a singer and at least a part-time scribe at the Neapolitan court.... Eight works are attributed to Vincenet, four masses and four secular songs, all stylistically typical of his time.... All four secular works appear in the Mellon chansonnier (US-NH 91), compiled at Naples in the mid-1470s when Vincenet was presumably there. Fortune, par ta cruaulte and Ou doy je secours querir are French rondeaux; the former was Vincenet's most widely disseminated work, and was included in Petrucci's Odhecaton (1501). La pena sin ser sabida is a Spanish canción, a genre perfectly at home at Aragonese Naples. Triste que sperò morendo is problematic...". 

Submission’s author: 
b. Hainaut, Belgium — d. Naples?, before 1480

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