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Periods of service: 
1545 Colegiata de Santa María, Calatayud (Zaragoza)

This composer is not included in Diccionario de la Música Española e Hispanoamericana but his works are copied in two 18th-century manuscript books of polyphony held at Huesca Cathedral (E-H 2 and E-H 3). In the entry "Calatayud" (Diccionario de la Música Española e Hispanoamericana, vol. 2, p. 907), Luis Antonio González Marín states that a chapelmaster named Juan Olorón worked at the Colegiata de Santa María (Calatayud) in 1545.

Submission’s author: 
fl. 1545


Birth date: 
17/4 (?)
Death date: 
18/3 (?)

This composer does not have an entry in the Diccionario de la música española e hispanoamericana. According to a villancico printed in 1757 preserved at Jaca Cathedral, Francisco Salas was a "racionero", chapelmaster and organist at the Cathedral of Huesca in1756. An organist named also Francisco Salas was active at El Pilar, Zaragoza, in 1719, but it is difficult to know if they were the same person. Both pieces of information are found in an old card catalogue of musicians at the Institución Milá y Fontanals, CSIC, Barcelona.

Submission’s author: 
fl. Zaragoza, 1719 and Huesca, 1756

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