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Catedral de Ourense/Orense. Archivo de Música



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E-OR s.s. MS 19/2 (1826) Anon., Pedrosa Gil, Joaquín


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16/2 (1539a) inventario de los libros de la Catedral de Ourense

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Birth date: 
16/4 (1585)
Death date: 
17/3 (1664)

The ascriptions "Leon" in E-V 10 (10r) and "Jº de Leon" in E-V 04 (36v), respectively, probably refer to Jerónimo León, chapelmaster at Valladolid cathedral between 1627 and 1629, but there is no list of works for this composer in the Diccionario (1999-2002). Juan de León (II), a contemporary chapelmaster at Segovia cathedral has sacred and secular production, but these two works ascribed to "León" in Valladolid have not been included in his list of works.

Submission’s author: 
Segovia, ca. 1585 — Segovia, before 9-V-1664


Birth date: 
18/4 (?)
Death date: 
19/2 (1835)
Periods of service: 
1819—1835 Catedral de Ourense
Submission’s author: 
? — Ourense, 1835

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Archivo de la Catedral de Ourense, Libro de visitas, fols. 4r-v, 11-17.
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inventario de los libros de la Catedral de Ourense

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