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Real Monasterio de la Encarnación, Madrid



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Birth date: 
17/1 (ca. 1620)
Death date: 
17/4 (1684)
Periods of service: 
ca.1640 Colegiata de Santa María, Morella (Castellón)
ca.1653 Catedral de Cagliari (cantor)
1654 Catedral de Cagliari (Maestro de capilla)
1659 (before 22-X) Catedral de Teruel
ca.1660—1664 Real Monasterio de la Encarnación, Madrid
1664 (VIII)—1667 (22-VII) Catedral de Segovia
1667 (c.VII)—1680 Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales, Madrid
1680 (1-II)—1684 Capilla Real de Madrid
Submission’s author: 
Aragón, ca. 1620 — Madrid, 23-IX-1684


Birth date: 
16/4 (?)
Death date: 
17/3 (1659)

The Letatus sum for four voices ascribed to Jalón in E-OLI s.s. (pp. 7-14) is not listed by Ezquerro Esteban among the works by Luis Bernardo Jalón, a composer that has been cited with different first names (Luis Jerónimo, Luis Bautista). Ezquerro suggests that perhaps there were two composers with the same last name Jalón (Luis and Bernardo or Luis Bernardo and Luis Jerónimo) and that he could be confused also with the organist Pedro Jalón y Tejada who died in 1655.

Submission’s author: 
? — Sevilla, 6-IV-1659


Birth date: 
Death date: 
Periods of service: 
1623 — 1628 Sagrario de la Catedral de Sevilla
1628 — 1634 Real Monasterio de la Encarnación de Madrid
1634 — 1675 Capilla Real de Madrid
Submission’s author: 
Santa María del Campo, Cuenca, 1600 — Madrid, 15-IX-1675

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Father Daniel Codina of Montserrat explains the circumstances surrounding the secret adquisition of music (including the polyphonic choirbooks) by the Monastery of Montserrat from the Monastery of the Encarnación in Madrid. According to the Crónica [of Montserrat] anys 1929-1936, pp. 153 and 156, the puchase took place in 1932 (and not in the 1920s as usually indicated in the literature) through father Antoni Tobella i Guixà (the Librarian of Monteserrat), who went to Madrid for that purpose on 9 November and returned on the 23rd of the same month. An Appendix transcribes Tobella's brief description of the poor condition in which he found the books at the Encarnación. Some 2000 music manuscripts in Montserrat are from the Monastery of the Encarnación; the article includes a list of composers. 

E. Ros-Fábregas


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