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Briones La Rioja
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POINT (-2.7878054 42.5420879)

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Birth date: 
19/1 (?)
Death date: 
19/4 (1888)
Periods of service: 
Parroquia de la Asunción, Briones (La Rioja) 1826-1874/1888

The chapelmaster at the parish church of Santa María in Briones (La Rioja), Lorenzo Mª de Polidura y Calderon, has works in Latin and Spanish kept at the parish archive, but apparently none in the polyphonic choirbooks. However, on fols. 16v-17 of E-BRI 50 there is an inscription in which Polidura is mentioned as a copyist of at least the Asperges by Manuel Rábago.

There is a discrepancy between Carreira and Camacho regarding the last date of activity for this composer; Carreira (p. 869) indicates 1888 and Camacho 1874 (p. 243), and thus we have indicated both dates.

Submission’s author: 
fl. 1826-1874/1888


Birth date: 
18/3 (?)
Death date: 
19/2 (1829)

According to Mª Victoria Cavia (p. 1), Manuel Rábago applied to the position of chapelmaster at Valladolid cathedral in 1818, but he did not win. To the works by him she listed (all at León Cathedral, but not in choirbooks), the Asperges in E-BRI 50 should be added.

Submission’s author: 
fl. 1818-1829

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