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Roncesvalles Navarra
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Death date: 
Periods of service: 
1640 (antes de) — 1655 Colegiata de San Pedro, Soria
1655 - ? Catedral de Tudela
1682 Colegiata de San Miguel, Alfaro, La Rioja
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fl. 1640-1682


Birth date: 
18/2 (1733)
Death date: 
19/1 (1814)
Periods of service: 
1743-1755 Cathedral of Tarazona, Zaragoza (choirboy).
1755-1761 Cathedral of Tarazona, Zaragoza (instrumentist: violin and "bajón"). In 1658-1659 he studied composition for six months in Zaragoza.
1758-1759 Zaragoza (he studied composition for six months, probably with Francisco Javier García Fajer, "El Españoleto").
1759 Tarazona Cathedral (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1760 Zaragoza (candidate/"opositor" to "bajón" player, probably unsuccessful).
1761-1778 Cathedral of Ávila ("bajón" and second violin). He took holy orders.
1767-1778 Monastery of Santa Ana de Ávila (chapelmaster)
1767 Cathedral of Zamora (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1768 Palencia (unsuccessful attempt for a musical position, probably as "bajón" at the Cathedral).
1769 Cathedral of Málaga (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1770 Cathedral of León (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1771 Cathedral of Calahorra, La Rioja (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1775 Cathedral of Granada (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1778 Cathedral of Plasencia, Cáceres (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1778 Cathedral of Santo Domingo de La Calzada, La Rioja (chapelmaster).
1778-1780 Collegiate Church of San Miguel of Alfaro, La Rioja (chapelmaster).
1780 Cathedral of Ávila (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1780-1814 Cathedral of Pamplona (chapelmaster).
1782 Cathedral of Segovia (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1791-1792 Cathedral of Burgos (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1793 Cathedral of Valencia (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).
1793 Cathedral of Ávila (unsuccessful candidate/"opositor" to chapelmaster).

The known works by Francisco de la Huerta are found in "papeles sueltos" (particelle) and not in choibooks. He has been incorporated to this database, since he was an important chapelmaster in different cathedrals and at the Monastery of Santa Ana in Ávila; he obviously had direct contact with the books of polyphony and with the performance of that repertory in the institutions where he worked.

The main part of the extant compositions by Huerta are preserved in the Pamplona Cathedral and in the Monastery of Santa Ana in Ávila, but there are also pieces by him preserved in the cathedrals of Ávila, Astorga (León), the Collegiate Church of San Miguel de Alfaro (La Rioja), the Royal Collegiate of Roncesvalles (Navarre), and the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid).

Submission’s author: 
Borja, Zaragoza, ca. 2-XII-1733 — Pamplona, 8-III-1814


Birth date: 
Death date: 
17/2 (1627)
Periods of service: 
ca. 1585-1591 Cathedral of Pamplona (chapelmaster)
1591-1600 Cathedral of Calahorra (chapelmaster)
1600-ca. 1608 Turruncún, Church of Saints Nunilo and Alodia (hermit)
ca. 1608-1616 Cathedral of Pamplona (substitute of chapelmaster?)
1616-1627 Cathedral of Pamplona (chapelmaster)
Pamplona, ca. 1563 — Pamplona, 2-I-1627



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Analytical study probably based on the edition by Sagaseta (2006), although it is not specified. No mention about the original sources and variants used to ellaborate the tables included in the article. On page 21, the books E-TZ 1 and E-TZ 2 are maybe mistakenly mentioned as containing works by Miguel Navarro (instead the correct ones E-PAMc 1 and E-PAMc 2). See the content of those books in this database.
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