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Valladolid de Michoacán (actual Morelia)

Morelia, la actual capital del estado mexicano de Michoacán, se denominó Valladolid entre 1548 y 1828.

Morelia MIC
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POINT (-101.1923818 19.7027116)

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Birth date: 
16/2 (1550)
Death date: 
17/1 (1610)

This composer should not be confused with Juan Navarro (1530-1580), active in Spain.

This Juan Navarro is author of the lamentations and passions in plainchant published in Mexico D.F. by Diego López Dávalos in 1604: Liber in quo quatuor passiones Christi Domini continentur, octo Lamentationes: oratioq. Hieremie Prophete (RISM N284). 

Submission’s author: 
Cádiz, ca. 1550 — Mexico, ca. 1610


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