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Wrocław / Breslau

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Birth date: 
17/1 (1605)
Death date: 
17/2 (?)
Periods of service: 
1628-1630 Chapel of Archduke Leopold [V] of Austria, Count of Tirol (Bassoonist)

Bartolomé de Selma Salaverde was probably the son (or brother) of Antonio de Selma Salaverde (ca. 1585-Madrid, 1646?); at least Antonio is known to have been the son of Bartolomé de Selma (b. Catalonia late 16th c. - Madrid, 28-VIII-1616), the latter two were well-known makers of wind instruments. The composer Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde -an Augustinian friar educated in Spain- was also a virtuoso bassoonist, who between 1628 and 1630 played at the chapel of Archduke Leopold of Austria in Innsbruck. His publication Primo libro, canzoni fantasie et correnti da suonar ad una 2. 3. 4. con basso continuo (Venice: Bartolomeo Magni, 1638) was dedicated to Karl Ferdinand, Prince of Poland and Sweden, and Bishop of Wroclaw (Poland). The unique extant exemplar is preserved at the library of the University of Wroclaw.

Submission’s author: 
ca. 1605 - after 1638

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