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In this menu you find, in alphabetical order, the titles of sections/movements of works catalogued on an ongoing basis in this database. For the titles we use normalized text, following the Liber Usualis for works in Latin, and modern Spanish orthography for works in Spanish; we keep original spelling in "Text incipit". Under the "Title" column, each title of movement (including the first polyphonic section of every piece) is usually followed by the corresponding folios/pages (or order number in a printed book) and the title of the entire piece: "Gloria (1v-3r). Missa Fortuna desperata". For many works we catalog the first movement only and thus the presence of repetitions such as:  "Ave (83v-85r). Ave Maria". This is particularly useful to locate polyphonic movements that do not correspond with titles of hymns and psalms, and thus they could not be found in the menu “Works”; for instance, “Qui condolens (59v-60r). Conditor alme siderum”, “Accende (44v-46r). Veni Creator Spiritus”, or “Deus autem ([13v-14r]/11v-12r). In exitu Israel”. The columns "Work ID" and "Attribution" complete the basic information about the source and known attribution of each piece.

In order to facilitate the identification of anonymous works in comparison with attributed works of same title, we provide in the column "Music incipit (S)" a numeric music incipit of the superius voice. The numeric music incipit represents the intervals between the first few notes of a piece, indicating whether the interval is ascending (+), descending (-), or represents a repeated note (=0); the number corresponds to the number of semitones (C-D is +2; F-E is -1). Pauses or rests of any length are indicated with (=P). In the exceptional case in which a first note is followed by a rest (and thus the first interval between the first two notes could not be indicated in this system owing to the separating rest), we indicate it as =N=P, representing any first note (=N) followed by a rest (=P), and then the corresponding interval betwen N and the second note would follow; a single note between pauses would be: =P=N=P. The following íncipit +2+2-2-2+2+2-2-2, for instance, helped to identify an anonymous Missa Pro defunctis in E-Bbc 585 attributed to Giammateo Assola in E-Bbc 587; both first movements, "Aeternam (36r). Missa Pro defunctis" and "Aeternam (42v-43r). Missa Pro defunctis", appeared next to each other in the "Title" list of this "Movements" menu and the numeric incipit contributed to confirm the concordance. Although in many instances we provide music incipits of four voices —and we have options to search in several voices—, in order to search for possible concordances, we advise to search for the first four or five intervals of the superius and, if many different pieces emerge containing such intervals, increase the number of intervals one by one in successive searches. This numeric incipit should not be considered as a complete (oficial) music incipit of a piece, but just as a practical, simple, in-house aid to locate possible concordances in this database; we created it in 2013, at a time in which new forms of music encoding were being developped, but they could not be fully applied to our database. We are now experimenting with music codification (see below Kern option), so that, in the near future, more sophisticated searching and analytical tools will be available in this Books of Hispanic Polyphony IMF-CSIC platform. 

In addition to search options by "Institution", "Composer", "Genre" and "Source", the option "Kern/Kern data records" presents those movements whose music incipits in mensural notation have been rendered through Kern codification by our collaborator Antonio Pardo-Cayuela (Universidad de Murcia). We are in the process of experimenting with Kern codification for incipits, as well as for the transcription of entire pieces in modern notation; see, for instance, Francisco Guerrero's abbreviated version of Iste confessor found in E-ORIc 06 rendered in modern notation through codification in Kern:  

As in the menu "Works", here the results of a search by "Title" offer also additional options to search directly in two other databases: 1) Portuguese Early Music Database (PEM:; and 2) Fondo de Música Tradicional IMF-CSIC (FMT: After a search by title here, at the end of the list of results, the option "Click here to search in external resources (PEM)" and "Click here to search in Fondo de Música Tradicional IMF-CSIC" will initiate a search directly into those two databases (with which we share the same webmaster, Jan Koláček) to provide more results.

As already mentioned in the menus "Genres" and "Works", the search option by "Genre" here has not been fully developped; instrumental genres have not been connected yet to specific pieces and other modifications are needed to provide all the titles of works and movements of all the genres present in this database. We are working on it; thanks for your patience.

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Title Music incipit (S) Attribution Work ID Order No.sort descending
Jesum (64v65r). Jesum tradidit impius -2+2-2=0-2=0-1 Anon. E-Boc 59 (64v-65r)
Grates refert (139v-137r). Defensor alme Hispaniae +4+1+2=0-3+3+2+3-1-2 E-ORIc 06 (130v-137r)
Inclina Domine aurem tuam et exaudi me (xiv'-xv'). Inclina Domine =P=0=0+5=0-2-2-1-2+2-2-2-1 Jacotin, Morales, Cristóbal de A-Wn [RISM 1535/1] (xiv'-xv')
Hi sunt (13v-18r). Sanctorum meritis =P-7+7+2-4-1+1=P=0-1-2-2+2+2-4-2+2 E-ORIc 06 (13v-18r) 04.01
Martina celebri plaudite (Himno a Santa Martina) +1=0+2=0=0+4 Francés de Iribarren Echevarría, Juan E-MA 10 (10v-11r) 00.01
Sedibus caeli. In I Vesperis Hymnus E-MA 12 (single sheets) 00.01
Isti sunt vi. In II Vesperis; Hymnus et v. ut in I. Ad Magnificat, Antiphona E-MA 12 (single sheets) 00.02
Gentis humanae Sator E-MA 12 (single sheets) 00.03
O quema speciosi pedis. Ad Magnificat, Antiphona E-MA 12 (single sheets) 00.04
Hoy ángeles eleven. Hoy ángeles eleven. =P=N=P=0+2+2-2-2=0=0=P Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (1r-3v) 001.01
Nunca (10v-11r). Nunca fue pena mayor +3+2+2+1-1-4+2-2-2-1=P Wreede [Urreda/Urrede], Johannes [Juan] E-Mp II-1335 ([0]'-i/10v-11r) 001.01
Nunca fue pena mayor +3+2+2+1-1-4+2-2-2-1 Wreede [Urreda/Urrede], Johannes [Juan] E-Mp II-1335 ([0]'-i/10v-11r) 001.01
Non ex virili. Veni redemptor gentium =0-2-1-2+3+4-2 Escobar, Pedro E-TZ 02/03 (i'-ii/4v-5r) 001.02
Hostis. Hostis Herodes impie =P+2+2+3=0-2-1 Escobar, Pedro E-TZ 02/03 (ii'-iii/5v-6r) 002.01
Salga enhorabuena. Salga enhorabuena. =P+2+1+2+2=0=0=0=0=0 Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (4r-5v) 002.01
Patres (1v-2r). Patres nostri peccaverunt =0=0-3-4=0+2 Cornago, Juan [Johannes] I-MC 871 (1v-2r) 002.01
Pues que Dios (11v-12r). Pues que Dios te hizo tal -5+5-2+2+2+2+1-1-2-4+2-2-3 Cornago, Juan [Johannes] E-Mp II-1335 (i'-ii/11v-12r) 002.01
Enemiga le soy (12v). Enemiga le soy madre =P+1+2+2=0-2+2=0=P=0+2+1 Anon. E-Mp II-1335 (ii'/12v) 003.01
Vexilla. Vexilla regis prodeunt +3+4-2-2+2=0-3 Alba [Alva, Alua], Alonso de [Alfonso] [Pérez de] E-TZ 02/03 (iii'-iiii/6v-7r) 003.01
Hoy de la fe y la devoción. Hoy de la fe y la devoción. =P=0=0-2=0=0=0=0=P Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (6r-7r) 003.01
Enemiga le soy (13r). Enemiga le soy madre +1+2+2=0-2+2=0=0+2+1+2-2 Espinosa, Juan de E-Mp II-1335 (iii/13r) 004.01
Ah de la divina, elevada esfera. Ah de la divina, elevada esfera. =P=0=0+5=0-3+1+2-5 Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (7v-8v) 004.01
Cuius corpus. Ad cenam Agni providi =P+5-1-2-2=P+5-1 Sanabria E-TZ 02/03 (iiii'-v/7v-8r) 004.02
Al pregón que publican. Al pregón que publican. =P=0=0+5=0=0=0=0=P Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (9r-10v) 005.01
Pues que Dios (13v-15r). Pues que Dios te hizo tal -5+5-2+2+2+2+1-1-2-4+2-2-3 Madrid, Juan Fernández de [Juan Ruiz de] E-Mp II-1335 (iii'-v/13v-15r) 005.01
Quae te vicit clementia. Jesu nostra redemptio +7=0+2+1+2-2-1-2-2 Peñalosa, Francisco de E-TZ 02/03 (v'-vi/8v-9r) 005.02
Beata. Beata nobis gaudia Alba [Alva, Alua], Alonso de [Alfonso] [Pérez de] E-TZ 02/03 (vi'-vii/9v-10r) 006.01
Hola, digo, señores. Hola, digo, señores. =P-5=P-3-4=P=0+2+2+1+2 Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (11r-12r) 006.01
Tira allá (14v). Tira allá que no quiero =P-1+1+2=0+2=0=P=0+2+1 Alonso E-Mp II-1335 (iiii'/14v) 006.01
In exitu (4r). In exitu Israel =0+1-1=0=P=0=0=0 Oriola, Pietro [Orihuela, Pedro de; Pere] I-MC 871 (4r) 007.01
Veni. Veni Creator Spiritus +2-2-2+2+2-2+5-1+1+2-1=0-1+2=P Alba [Alva, Alua], Alonso de [Alfonso] [Pérez de] E-TZ 02/03 (vii'-viii/10v-11r) 007.01
Ay, tortorilla. Ay, tortorilla. -2-2=0-1=P+1-1-2=0-1 Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (12v) 007.01
Al alba venid (15r). Al alba venid buen amigo =0+2-2=0=0-2-3-2+4+1-1 Anon. E-Mp II-1335 (v/15r) 007.01
Dama mi grande (15v-16r). Dama mi grande querer =0=0=0+3-3-2-3=P+3+2=0+3 Moxica [Mojica] E-Mp II-1335 (v'-vi/15v-16r) 008.01
O lux. O lux beata Trinitas =P-2+2+3-1-2+5-2 Peñalosa, Francisco de E-TZ 02/03 (viii'-ix/11v-12r) 008.01
Una jacarilla linda. Una jacarilla linda. +2+1+2+2-5+2-3 Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (13r-15v) 008.01
Pange. Pange lingua gloriosi Corporis mysterium Wreede [Urreda/Urrede], Johannes [Juan] E-TZ 02/03 (ix'-x/12v-13r) 009.01
No quiero ser monja (16r). No quiero ser monja no -2+2+2+1-1-2-2=P=0+2+2+1 Anon. E-Mp II-1335 (vi/16r) 009.01
Milagro, prodigio, portento. Milagro, prodigio, portento. =P+5-1-2+2+1=P-5 Martínez de Arce, José E-V 08 (16r-16v) 009.01
Velum (30v-31r) Velum templi =0+1-1+5-2-2+2+2 Anon. E-Boc 59 (30v-31r) 01
Bien sabe de flores. Bien sabe de flores =P+3-1-2-2+2=0+2-2-1+1 Gómez Camargo, Miguel E-V 10 (0v-1v) 01. 01
Dixit Dominus. Dixit Dominus Domino meo. -1=0-2-2-2-1-2+3-1 Ruiz de Robledo, Juan E-V 09 (pp. 1-2) 01. 01
Kyrie (fols. 21v-24r). Misa Ecce sacerdos magnus =0-3+3+2-2+5 Guerrero, Francisco E-MA 06 (21v-40) 01. 01
Kyrie. Missa Iste Confessor =P+2-2-3+1+2+2-2-2+2 Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da E-E 02 ([1]v-11r) 01.01
Requiem (1v-2r).Missa Defunctorum Guerrero, Francisco E-ORIc 13a (1v-12r) 01.01
Dona eis. Requiem (Officium defunctorum) =P+2+2+2=0-1+1=0=0-7 Victoria, Tomás Luis de E-SEG s.s. (No.1) 01.01
Adjuva (ii'-1r). Adjuva nos Deus =P-2-1-2-2-1+1 Sumaya, Manuel [Zumaya, Manuel] MEX-Mc 03 (ii'-4r) 01.01
Christum Regem (Av-Br). Christum Regem triumphantem =P+2+1+2-3=0+1-3+3-1-2-1+1 Anon. E-SdeC 6 (Av-Br) 01.01
Anima mea. Magnificat 6 toni =0=0+2-2-2-1+3+2-2=0 Aguilera de Heredia, Sebastián E-MUc A-7 (307-345) 01.01
Dixit (1v-2r). Dixit Dominus Domino meo =0=0=0=0=P=0=0 Franco, Hernando MEX-Mc 08 (1v-4r) 01.01
Kyrie. Missa Iste sanctus -5+3=0+2=P Guerrero, Francisco E-MUc A-5 (1-27) 01.01
In nomine. In nomine Jesu =0=0=+2+3-1-2-2+4 Anon. E-JA 08 (2) 01.01
Te Deum. Te Deum +4+1=0+2 Guerrero, Francisco E-MUc A-4 (1-11) 01.01
Kyrie (1v-4r). Missa Re Sol =P+5=0-2-2-1-2-2+2 López Capillas, Francisco MEX-Mc 07 (1v-17r) 01.01
Kyrie. Missa Alma redemptoris =P-1+1-1-2-2+2+2+1+2-5 Victoria, Tomás Luis de E-Bbc 554 (No.01) 01.01
In mandatis eius. Beatus vir qui timet. =0-1-2-2-2-1=0+1+2+2+2+1 Ruiz de Robledo, Juan E-V 09 (pp. 7-9) 01.01
Habemus ad Dominum (0r). Habemus ad Dominum =0+2+1-2=0-2=0+2 Anon. E-V 05 (0r) 01.01
Anima mea. Magnificat 2 toni =0=0=0-1-3+1-1+1=P Zacarías Juan, Francisco E-MUc A-9 (1-7) 01.01
[Textless] (1v-2r). De Navidad =P-2-2-1+1-1-2=P+5=0-2-3+2-2 Anon. US-BLI 02 (1v-2r) 01.01
Dixit Dominus Domino meo =0=0=0=0=0=0=0-1+1 Anon. E-CZ 3 (1v-9r) 01.01
Domine hyssopo (3v-4r). Asperges me =P+2+2+1-1-2-2+2+2-4+2+2+1+2 Arnal, Juan [Arnalte, Joan] E-TZ 04 (3v-5r) 01.01
O quam gloriosum (No. 1). O quam gloriosum +2=0=0=0=0+2+1+2 Victoria, Tomás Luis de E-Asa 01 (No.01) 01.01
Kyrie (1r-1v). Missa de Sancta Anna =0+2-2-2-1+1-3+2+1 La Rue, Pierre de E-MO 773 (1r-13r) 01.01
Erunt signa in sole et luna =0+8-3=0+5-3 Guerrero, Francisco E-CZ 4 (1v-5r) 01.01
Regem qui omnia vivunt. Invitatorium pro difunctis =0=0=0=0+2=0=0-2+2+2=0 Morales, Cristóbal de E-E 10 (IIv-1r) 01.01
Lumen (1r). Lumen ad revelationem [lacks] Anon. E-Boc 08 (1r) 01.01
Ay trista (p.1). Ay trista vida corporal [1] 0+2+1=0+2-2+4-1+1 Anon. E-ELm Consueta 1709 (p.1) 01.01
Benedicamus (1r). Benedicamus Domino +2+2=0+2-2=0-2-2+2+2 Anon. E-Bbc 681 (1r) 01.01
Missa breve 2º tono. Kyrie (1v) +2=0-2+5-2-1 San Joseph, Fray Juan de E-MA 16 (1v-8r) 01.01
Cum invocarem. Cum invocarem. +2=0+2-2-2+2-2-1 Martínez de Arce, José E-V 07 (01r-5v) 01.01
Domine. Asperges me Domine +2+1+2-2-1+2+2+2 Anon. E-E 06 (0v-3r) 01.01
Non in die festo (1v-2r). Passio secundum Matthaeum -2=0-3+1+2+2 Robledo, Melchor E-Boc 06 (1v-17r) 01.01
Pro 2 et 5 feria. Parce mihi (1v-4r) =0=0=0=0=0=0=0=0 Brito, Estêvao de E-MA 11 (1v-4r) 01.01
Kyrie +2-2+2+2+1+2 Anon. E-CZ 5 (1v-7r) 01.01
Zi señora. Zi señora pues nos a de valer la compañía Anon. E-V 17 (2r) 01.01
De (1v-2r). De profundis =0=0-7=P+4+5=0=0-2-2-1+1+2 Fernández Garzón, Diego E-BAE 4 (1v-2r) 01.01
Regem (2r-8r). Regem cui omnia vivunt Morales, Cristóbal de E-BAE 1 (2r-8r) 01.01
Incipit (1v-4r). Incipit lamentatio Jeremiae prophetae =0=0-1+5-2=0=0 Guerau, Miguel de E-E 04 (1v-5r) 01.01
Alleluia (1v-2r). Alleluia. Ego vos elegi =P+5-2-1-2-2+4+1+2-7=P Anon. E-BAE 6 (1v-3r) 01.01
Passio Domini. Passio secundum Matthaeum =0=0=P=0=0=0=0=0=0=0 Tabares [Tavarez, Tabarés, Tavares, Tavarés], Manuel [Manoel] E-MUc A-2 (1-22) 01.01
Cómo puedo yo vivir. Cómo puedo yo vivir =P=0-2-3+1+2+2=P+5 Anon. S-Uu 611 (0v-1rA) 01.01
Domine (p. 1). Domine hyssopo +2+2+1-1-2-2 E-MA 05 (p. 1) 01.01
Regem (1v-2r). Regem apostolorum Dominum =P+2+1+2-3+1-3+3-1-2-1+1 Anon. E-SdeC 5 (1v-2r) 01.01
Domini nostri (2v-3r). Passio secundum Matthaeum =P=0=0=0=0=0=0-2=0+5-1-2-2+2=0 Pujol, Joan Pau E-Bbc 721 (2v-13r) 01.01
Kyrie (1r-2r). Missa Silos, Francisco E-TZ 01 (1r-18r) 01.01
Sacris (No. 1). Sacris solemniis =P-1=0+1+2+2=0=0-2+3-1-2 Anon. E-Bbc 586 (No. 01) 01.01
Domine hysopo (1v-2r). Asperges me =P+2+1+2-2+2+3-1-2+2-2 Boluda, Ginés de E-Tc 25 (1v-5r) 01.01
Kyrie (2v-5r). Missa Sancta et immaculata =P-7+7-4+6-2=P-12+3+2-2+2+2+1+2-2-1 Guerrero, Francisco A-Wn SA.80.E.3 (Nº 1) 01.01
Gloria, laus =P=0-2=0+2-2-2+2 Anon. E-GRc 1 (1v-5r) 01.01
Ad te levavi. Ad te levavi +5+2+1-3+3=0-1-2+2-2+2+1 Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da E-E 08 (pp. 01-06) 01.01
Kyrie (1v-5r). Missa Maria Magdalena +2-2+2+2-4+5-1+1=P=0-1-2 Champion, Nicolas [Nicolas Liégeois] E-Tc 28 (1v-29r) 01.01
Kyrie. Missa sine nomine. =0-5+5-2-1-2-2-2+2+5 Roy [Le Roy], Bartolomeo E-V 14 (1r-4v) 01.01
[Textless] (2v-3r). [Textless] =P=0=0+5-1=P-4=0=0+2+2=0-2+2-4+5-1-4-1+1 Anon. US-BLI 01 (2v-3r) 01.01
Erunt signa in sole et luna +2-2-1-2+2+1 Vidal, Juan Domingo E-CZ 9 (1v-5r) 01.01
Kyrie (2r-4r). Missa Quam pulchri sunt =P=0-5+7+2+1-1=0-2-2+2 López Capillas, Francisco MEX-Mc 05 (2r-21r) 01.01
Nobis ([0v]-1r). Puer natus est -2=0+2+1-3+2+1-3+12 Lobo de Borja, Alonso [Alfonso] E-GU 1 ([0v]-2r) 01.01
Kyrie (1v-4r). Missa Super Scalam Aretinam =P+2+2+1+2+2-2 López Capillas, Francisco E-Mn M/2428 (1v-23r) 01.01
Cum invocarem. Cum invocarem. =0=0+2+2=P=0=0+3-2 E-V 11 (1r-2r) 01.01
Regem (1v-2r). Regem cui omnia vivunt =0+2=0=0+1=0 Anon. MEX-Mc 02 (1v-6r) 01.01
Kyrie (1v-5r). Missa =0-1+1-1-2+3+2+2-2=P+2+1 Pujol, Joan Pau E-Bbc 589 (1v-14r) 01.01


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