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This website provides basic information about musicians and non-musicians related to music books in the database; it is not intended to present a full biography of musicians, but to establish useful connections with their sources, institutions, locations, works, documents, and bibliography. Under "Locations" of a composer's entry we list all the locations in which he lived and those in which his music is currently found; under "Institutions", we list only the institutions where he worked or to which he applied for a position through the so-called "oposiciones". Whenever possible, we'll try to indicate the approximate periods of service in each institution. The distinction between "Locations" and "Institutions" provides a useful overview about the dissemination of a composer's works; for instance, Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia (1561-1627) worked only in two cathedrals in Huesca and Zaragoza, but his music is found in at least twenty-two locations in Spain and the New World.

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Birth date: 
16/2 (1545)
Death date: 
16/4 (1593)

Se desconoce el lugar de nacimiento de este compositor; se ha asumido que procede de Zurita (Huesca) debido a su apellido. Sin embargo, las atribuciones "Çorita" a este compositor sugieren que podría proceder de alguna localidad denominada "Zorita", de las que hay al menos diez en España; la más próxima a su lugar de actividad conocida en la Catedral de Tarragona, y especialmente en la región valenciana, es Zorita del Maestrazgo (Castellón), en catalán, Sorita o Sorita de Morella.


Climent's article, "La música en Valencia durante el siglo XVII", pp. 215 and 217, contains a transcription of two book inventories at the Valencia Cathedral in 1632 and in 1657 that mention a lost book of magnificats by Zorita: "un libre ab cubertes de pergamí ab huit magnificats de Çorita, apuntat de ma" (1632 inventory); "Un libro con Magnificats de Zurita" (1657 inventory).

Llorens's article, "La música española en la segunda mitad del siglo XVI", p. 241, indicates that there is a 'Salve Regina' for five voices by Zorita at Zaragoza (Archivo de la Seo). However, in the Diccionario de la Música Española e Hispanoamericana (DMEH) he doesn't list this work in Zaragoza, but in Valencia, at the Real Colegio Seminario de Corpus Christi (Patriarca).

E-VAcp 20 and E-VAcp 22 contain, respectively, one work by Zorita; according to Llorens in DMEH, a 'Salve Regina' (5vv) and an 'Ave Maria' (4vv).



Submission’s author: 
Zurita?, Huesca; Sorita?, Castellón, ca. 1545 — Tarragona, ca. 1593