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16/1 (1516-08-26)

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Subasta pública de los libros legados por Antoni Joan, beneficiado de la Catedral de Barcelona
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Arxiu Històric de Protocols de Barcelona. Jaume Sastre (mayor), leg. 7, lib 1º inventarios 1507-1535.
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Josep María Gregori, "Els mestres de cant de la Seu de Barcelona en el Renaixement", Recerca Musicològica, IV (1984), p. 28, identified Antoni Joan as "mestre de cant" [chapelmaster] at Barcelona Cathedral in 1511; he was substituted by Joan Ferrer in 1513, but Antoni Joan's date of death was not known and even it had been suggested that Joan Ferrer and Antoni Joan could have been the same person. The present document published by Madurell confirms that indeed these two musicians were two diferent people, and that the Antoni Joan "mestre de cant" and owner of this book probably died in 1516. This document also serves to distinguish this Antoni Joan, "mestre de cant", from two other people of similar name: 1) Anthoni Joan Fiella, alias Tort, a canon at Barcelona Cathedral; and 2) Anthoni Joan [Moret?], the scribe of one of the sections of the most important manuscript of polyphony compiled in the Crown of Aragon at that time (Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M.454). This manuscript (also known as "Cancionero Musical de Barcelona") contains an inscription (fol. [cxci'] dated 1520) written by the scribe Anthoni Joan, who copied a section of the manuscript between 1520 and 1525. On the possible identities of Anthoni Joan, see Emilio Ros-Fábregas, The Manuscript Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M.454, vol. I, pp. 87-95.

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16/1 (1516-08-26) [1] Item, hun libre de cant de ploma estampe ab uns cuerns... a n'an García, librater, .1. sou.
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