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16/1 (1523a)

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Libros de música descritos en el testamento de Juan de Anchieta (1462-1523)
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Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, Ms. 14020.170, p. 40.
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The manuscript Segovia, Archivo de la Catedral, s.s. (known as "Cancionero Musical de Segovia") contains most of the sacred polyphonic works by Juan de Anchieta, and thus, there is a consensus among musicologists about the close relationship between this manuscript and the composer. Perhaps, the description of one of the three manuscripts listed in Anchieta's testament ("libro de canto cosido en pergamino") refers to the Segovia manuscript, since it has covers of parchment. 

The description of the books in Anchieta's testament was published by Robert Stevenson, Spanish Music in the Age of Columbus (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1960), p. 132.

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16/1 (1523a) [1-2] Yten dos libros enquadernados de canto Anchieta, Juan de
16/1 (1523a) [3] E-SE s.s. ("Cancionero Musical de Segovia") y otro libro de canto cosido en pergamino Anchieta, Juan de
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