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16/3 (1570-05-29)

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[Inventories 2 and 3 of polyphonic music at Tarazona cathedral]. Inuentario de los libros de la música. Inuentario de los libros de musica que ay en la yglesia de taraçona. Memoria de los libros que ay de musica en la Iglesia de Taraçona y de las hobras que ay en ellos con los nombres de los auctores.
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Catedral de Tarazona, Archivo Capitular, Armario L. Caxa 2. Ligarza 7. No.1.
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1-76 (Lost inventory recopied as Inventory 2 in 16/4 (1591)
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The Tarazona cathedral archive holds two 16th-century documents (without specific dates of their redaction) with detailed inventories of the polyphonic music owned by that institution. The first document contains the oldest known inventory (Inventory 1) and the second document has two sections: the first section (Inventory 2) recopies a now lost inventory dated 29 May 1570, and the second section (Inventory 3) incorporates the rest of polyphonic music found at Tarazona cathedral up to the time of the redaction of the second document, most likely 1591. Pedro Calahorra (1992) was the first one to publish these inventories. Books of Hispanic Polyphony IMF-CSIC has incorporated these detailed inventories to its database using the original documents and referring to the three inventories in the list of "Documents" as: 16/3 (1552-1561) [=Inventory 1; see the link]; 16/3 (1570-05-29), the present inventory, [lost, but recopied as Inventory 2 in Document 16/4 (1591)], and 16/4 (1591) [=Inventories 2 and 3; see the link]. See in the latter link Inventory 2 (1570) with items [1] to [76] that constitute the present, lost inventory 16/3 (1570-05-29).

I would like to thank the Archivist of Tarazona cathedral, Miguel Antonio Franco Garza, for facilitating me the research of all the Tarazona manuscript and printed books of polyphony and related documentation for the present Project.

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