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This website provides basic information about musicians and non-musicians related to music books in the database; it is not intended to present a full biography of musicians, but to establish useful connections with their sources, institutions, locations, works, documents, and bibliography. Under "Locations" of a composer's entry we list all the locations in which the composer lived and those in which his music is currently found; under "Institutions", we list only the institutions where the composer worked or to which he applied for a position through the so-called "oposiciones". Whenever possible, we'll try to indicate the approximate periods of service in each institution. The distinction between "Locations" and "Institutions" provides a useful overview about the dissemination of a composer's works; for instance, Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia (1561-1627) worked only in two cathedrals ("institutions") in Huesca and Zaragoza, but his music is found in at least twenty-two "locations" in Spain and the New World.

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Birth date: 
17/2 (?)
Death date: 
18/1 (1709)

According to Stevenson (1968), pp. 306-312: "...Fray Gregorio de Zuola [was] a Franciscan who, after serving some dozen years at Cochabamba in what is now Bolivia (1666-1678), was transferred to the doctrina (Indian mission) of Urquillos near Cuzco and thence, in the 1690's, to the Cuzco motherhouse, where he died on November 28, 1709. He left his 500-page commonplace book to his cousin-in-law, Matías Ramos Delgado of Cuzco, who rose from being a captain to a general (d. 1725). For that matter, all Zuola's Cuzco relations were gentry (in his commonplace book he noted the deaths of two ladies of quality at Cuzco, one of whom was his niece, the other his cousin)". The "Codex Zuola" (RA-BAmrr "Codex Zuola) contains eighteen pieces (17 in Spanish and 1 in Latin); according to Stevenson, at least the latter one, a Credo Romano, could have been composed by him.

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fl. Cochabamba, Bolivia, after 1666 — d. Cuzco, Perú, 28-XI-1709