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Sepúlveda, Francisco de

Birth and death dates: 
fl. Ávila, 1530-1539
Birth date: 
16/1 (?)
Death date: 
16/3 (?)
Periods of service: 
1530 (12-X)—1539 (7-XI) Catedral de Ávila

The ascriptions to "Sepúlveda" in E-SE 02 and in Valderrábano's Silva de sirenas (1547) [RISM 1547/25 = RISM V32] most likely refer to the Ávila chapelmaster and composer Francisco de Sepúlveda. RISM attributes the "Sepúlveda" piece in Silva de Sirenas to the theologian and humanist Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda (1490-1573), but he is not known to have been a composer.

List of works

Source: E-Asa 12
Work ID Title Ascription MS / Print Date
E-Asa 12 (No.04) Missa Sepúlveda MS 17/1 (ca. 1600)
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