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León, Jerónimo de

Birth and death dates: 
? — Valladolid, VII-1629
Birth date: 
16/4 (?)
Death date: 
17/2 (1629)
Periods of service: 
ca. 1622- Medina del Campo, maestro de capilla
1622 Catedral de Plasencia, opositor
before 1627 — 1627-5-XI Berlanga de Duero, maestro de capilla
1627-5-XI — 1629-VII Catedral de Valladolid, maestro de capilla

The ascriptions "Leon" in E-V 10 (10r) and "Jº de Leon" in E-V 04 (36v), respectively, probably refer to Jerónimo León, chapelmaster at Valladolid cathedral between 1627 and 1629, but there is no list of works for this composer in the Diccionario (1999-2002). Juan de León (II), a contemporary chapelmaster at Segovia cathedral has sacred and secular production, but these two works ascribed to "León" in Valladolid have not been included in his list of works.

Sources (MSS)

Date Provenance/Origins/Place of publication
E-V 10 17/2 (1647)

List of works

Source: E-V 04
Work ID Title Ascription MS / Print Date
E-V 04 (36v) Et incarnatus est Jº de León MS 17/1-4
Source: E-V 10
Work ID Title Ascription MS / Print Date
E-V 10 (10r) Dudas, penas y alivio León MS 17/2 (1647)



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