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Tinctoris, Johannes

Birth and death dates: 
ca. 1435 — 1511
Birth date: 
15/2 (1435)
Death date: 
16/1 (1511)

For a list of Tinctoris's musical works and their sources, see DIAMM. For the online project Johannes Tinctoris. The Complete Theoretical Works (in progress), ed. by Ronald Woodley (Principal Investigator), Jeffrey J. Dean (Senior Researcher) and David Lewis (Researcher), see the following link:

Tinctoris's list of works and sources in the present database is still incomplete.

Sources (MSS)

Date Provenance/Origins/Place of publication
E-SE s.s. ("Cancionero Musical de Segovia") 15/4 (1498-1500)
E-VAu 835 15/4 (1480-1487) Other countries, Europa, Italia, Napoli/Naples/Nápoles, Regno di Napoli
I-Bc A71 (olim 159) 16/1 (1515-1520)


Document ID (Date) Title of the document
16/3 (1550) Libros de música donados por Fernando de Aragón, Duque de Calabria, y su mujer Germana de Foix al Monasterio de San Miguel de los Reyes (Valencia)
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