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Orto, Marbrianus de

Birth and death dates: 
ca. 1460 — 1529
Birth date: 
15/3 (1460)
Death date: 
16/2 (1529)
Type of musician: 


Document ID (Date) Title of the document
16/3 (1562-01-02) Inventario y valoración de los libros de la herencia del librero Joan Guardiola

Inventories for composer



Ed. / Coord.: 
Range of pages: 
Vol. 18, 764-766
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Type of publication: 
Last modified: - 15 Feb 2020

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Emilio Ros-Fábregas, , Andrea Puentes-Blanco, "Orto, Marbrianus de", Books of Hispanic Polyphony, ed. E. Ros-Fábregas (accession date: 28 Nov 2020),