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Díaz [probably Díaz de Aux (Daux), Pedro]

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E-Bbc 0454 ("Cancionero Musical de Barcelona") 15/4-16/1-2
E-TZ 02/03 16/2-3
P-Cug MM 012 16/2-3
P-Cug MM 032 16/2-4


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16/4 (1591) [Inventories 2 and 3 of polyphonic music at Tarazona cathedral]. Inuentario de los libros de la música. Inuentario de los libros de musica que ay en la yglesia de taraçona. Memoria de los libros que ay de musica en la Iglesia de Taraçona y de las hobras que ay en ellos con los nombres de los auctores.
16/3 (1552-1561) Inventario [1] de los libros de música que ay en la yglesia de Taraçona / y de las obras que ay en ellos con los nombres de los auctores

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Vol. 4, 476-477
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Based on Knighton's 1983 doctoral dissertation, her 1999 "Prólogo" to this publication of reference updates the bibliography and research on this topic up to that time. The appendices to this study included chronological list of payments to Ferdinand's musicians from 1475 to 1516, payments to musicians of the Castilian royal chapel (1484-1504), transcriptions of documents, inventories of three manuscript sources with repertory associated with the royal chapels of Isabel and Ferdinand, and short biographies of composers.

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