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Cardoso, Manuel

Birth and death dates: 
Fronteira, Portugal, 1566 — Lisboa, 24-XI-1650
Birth date: 
16/3 (1566)
Death date: 
17/2 (1650)
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Sources (MSS)

Date Provenance/Origins/Place of publication
E-Sc 04 17/2 (1637)
P-VV 10 17/1—17/3 (?)
P-VV 12 18/2 (1735)


Document ID (Date) Title of the document
17/3 (1657-02-19) [Inventory of the music books of Jaén Cathedral ordered by the provisor and vicar general Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, compiled by the treasurer Juan de Gerica Martos, with the assistance of canon Juan Izquierdo de Lara (proposed by the cathedral chapter) and precentor Lucas de Ledesma (proposed by the provisor), started on 19 february 1657]

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