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Rimonte [Ruimonte, Ruymonte], Pedro

Birth and death dates: 
Zaragoza, 15-IV-1565 — Zaragoza, 20-IX-1627
Birth date: 
16/3 (1565)
Death date: 
17/2 (1627)
Sources (MSS): 
Sources (Prints): 

Sources (MSS)

Date Provenance/Origins/Place of publication
E-ALB 2 17/1-4

List of works

Source: GB-Lbl D.218 [RISM R1712]
Work ID Title Ascription MS / Print Date
GB-Lbl D.218 [RISM R1712] Nº1 Missa De beata virgine Petro Rimonte Print 17/1 (1604)
GB-Lbl D.218 [RISM R1712] Nº2 Missa In diebus illis Petro Rimonte Print 17/1 (1604)
GB-Lbl D.218 [RISM R1712] Nº3 Misa Lapidabant Stephanum Petro Rimonte Print 17/1 (1604)
GB-Lbl D.218 [RISM R1712] Nº4 Missa Ave virgo sanctissima Petro Rimonte Print 17/1 (1604)
GB-Lbl D.218 [RISM R1712] Nº5 Missa Tota pulchra es Petro Rimonte Print 17/1 (1604)
GB-Lbl D.218 [RISM R1712] Nº6 Missa Pro defunctis Petro Rimonte Print 17/1 (1604)



Range of pages: 
vol. 1, 189-287
Type of publication: 

This article presents a list of works and sources for the following composers: Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia, Pere Alberch Vila, Jerónimo de Aliseda, Santos de Aliseda, Luis de Aranda, Ginés de Boluda, Joan Brudieu, Rodrigo de Ceballos, Bernardo Clavijo del Castillo, Ambrosio Cotes, Juan Esquivel de Barahona, Mateo Flecha, "el Joven", Francisco Guerrero, Pedro Guerrero, Fernando de las Infantas, Alfonso Lobo de Borja, Francisco de Montanos, Juan Navarro, Diego Ortiz, Ginés Pérez, Sebastián Raval, Melchor Robledo, Felipe Rogier, Pedro Rimonte, Alonso de Tejeda, Juan Vázquez, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Andrés de Villalar y Nicasio Zorita, así como de "El 'Cançoner' de Gandía del siglo XVI. There are other lists of instrumental works and contents of music treatises. 



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The ample bibliography on the composer Pedro Rimonte, from Zaragoza, does not correspond to extensive knowledge of his biography. Almost fifty years after the classic articles that placed the composer in the place that historically corresponded to him, an update of the state of his life and work was necessary. The goals of this study are to clarify the information that has been proven or is based on possible hypotheses not refuted nowadays from the existing bibliography, show some new aspects of the author’s life and works and present new research perspectives. Bibliographic research, data analysis, the incorporation of new information and a general contextualization of the life of the Aragonese composer have been carried out. The article shows the social panorama that surrounded his birth in the city of Zaragoza, his presence in extraordinary royal events as well as his good relationship with Archdukes Alberto and Isabel. His participation in courtly plays (entremeses) and satires whose objectives went beyond mere entertainment, his impatience to return to Spain and some circumstances for which his compositions could be composed or performed have also been documented.

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