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Aldomar, Pere Joan

Birth and death dates: 
fl. 1505—1508
Birth date: 
15/3 (?)
Death date: 
16/1 (?)
Type of musician: 
Periods of service: 
1505-1506 Catedral de Barcelona
1508 Capilla de Fernando el Católico

Sources (MSS)

Date Provenance/Origins/Place of publication
E-Bbc 0454 ("Cancionero Musical de Barcelona") 15/4-16/1-2
E-Mp II-1335 ("Cancionero Musical de Palacio") 15/4-16/1 (1496-1520)

List of works

Source: E-Mp II-1335 ("Cancionero Musical de Palacio")
Work ID Title Ascription MS / Print Date
E-Mp II-1335 (ccix/167r) Si mi señora me olvida Aldomar MS 15/4-16/1 (1496-1520)
E-Mp II-1335 (cxlvi/144r) En las sierras donde vengo Aldomar MS 15/4-16/1 (1496-1520)
E-Mp II-1335 (lviii/67r) Ha Pelayo que desmayo / Ah Pelayo que desmayo / Ay Pelayo que desmayo Aldomar MS 15/4-16/1 (1496-1520)



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Range of pages: 
Vol. 1, 337
Subject person: 
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Type of publication: 
Music books: 

Based on Knighton's 1983 doctoral dissertation, her 1999 "Prólogo" to this publication of reference updates the bibliography and research on this topic up to that time. The appendices to this study included chronological list of payments to Ferdinand's musicians from 1475 to 1516, payments to musicians of the Castilian royal chapel (1484-1504), transcriptions of documents, inventories of three manuscript sources with repertory associated with the royal chapels of Isabel and Ferdinand, and short biographies of composers.

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