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Merulo, Claudio

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Libro de polifonía impreso 34 (S,A,5): Motectarum divinitatis liber primus
16/3 (1569)
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Sevillano annotated: "1 vol. 150 x 210 mm., 48 págs. Solamente se conservan las partes del Cantus, Altus, Quintus".

Although Sevillano described it as one volume, they are now three separate partbooks with covers of white cardboard/paper with the centered inscription, in brown ink, "Cantus", "Altus", Quintus", respectively. All three have, in the same hand and ink, below the voice designation: "Motetes a 5 de diversos autores". 

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Motectarum divinitatis liber primus que quinque absolute vocibus ex multis pretantissimorum musicorumacademiis collecta sunt ac denuo impressa. Liber primus
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