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Ordóñez, Pedro

Birth and death dates: 
? — Palencia, 5-III-1585
Birth date: 
16/2 (?)
Death date: 
16/4 (1585)

As pointed out by José López-Calo and Cristina Diego Pacheco, documents related to the brothers Alonso, Pedro and Rodrigo Ordóñez often do not mention the first name, and thus it is difficult sometimes to ascertain their identity. In E-V 05 there are four polyphonic works attributed to Alonso Ordóñez and one to "Rº Ordóñez"; although the initial in the latter ascription has been interpreted as "Racionero" (to refer to Alonso Ordóñez), it is most likely that it refers to Rodrigo Ordóñez. There are no known works attributed to Pedro Ordóñez.

Regarding Pedro Ordóñez, singer in the Papal Chapel, it should be pointed out (as mentioned by Lopez-Calo), that Haberl stated (based on the Chapel's diaries) that Pedro Ordóñez died in Rome between 17 and 27 November 1549. However, presumably Pedro Ordóñez was named chapelmaster at Palencia Cathedral in 1551 and continued there until his death in 1585. A 1578 document at Palencia cathedral, though, indicates that Ordóñez had been there during forty years, but in 1538 he would have been in Rome, and thus this Ordóñez chapelmaster could be a different person than the Pedro Ordóñez in the Papal Chapel.

Periods of service: 
1534 (23-XII)—1539 Santiago de Compostela, niño de coro
1539 (29-IV)—1549 Capilla papal, cantor
1551—1585 Catedral de Palencia, maestro de capilla
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