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eredi di Antonio Blado (Camerali)

Birth and death dates: 
Asola, nr Mantua, 1490 — Rome, 1567
Birth date: 
15/4 (1490)
Death date: 
16/3 (1567)
Type of non-musician: 

According to Thomas W. Bridges, Antonio Blado (b Asola, nr Mantua, 1490 — d Rome, 1567) printed more than 1200 editions in Rome between 1516 and 1567; he was, after Valerio Dorico, the second Roman printer to print music from movable type in a single impression. "Blado's heirs included his widow Paola (d 1588) and sons Paolo (d 1594) and Stefano (d 1585). The latter's marriage to Livia Dorico linked the Blado firm with one of its most important competitors (as had daughter Agnese's marriage to Giovanni Osmarino Gigliotti).... After Paolo's death the business was continued until 1609 by Paolo's widow Porzia (d 1624) and by her daughter Isabella and son-in-law Geremia Guelfi until 1626, although not under the Blado name after 1609".

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