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Comes, Jerónimo

Birth and death dates: 
Valencia (?), ca. 1627-Orihuela (Alicante), 1678
Birth date: 
17/2 (?)
Death date: 

Jerónimo Comes was nephew of Juan Bautista Comes (1582-1643).

Periods of service: 
1651-1676 Catedral de Orihuela

Baeza, Francisco. «La música de la Catedral de Orihuela en el tercer cuarto del siglo XVII. El magisterio de Jerónimo Comes (1651-1676)» (Trabajo Fin de Carrera, Conservatorio Superior de Música «Óscar Esplá», 2012).

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This work is essentially an update of the biographical data about the composer and chapel master Jerónimo Comes (ca.1627-1678). In order to find out the different influences he could have received from other musicians such as his uncle Juan Bautista Comes (ca. 1582-1643), this work also contains an stylistic and formal analysis of several motets composed by him. In the the works by Jerónimo Comes can be found some distinctive elements such as the peculiar use of the concertato style (polychoral dialogue),  the lack of solo and instrumental sections, and the absence of melodic richness due to an intensive use of homophonic texture, which is a characteristic of the 16th century Spanish polyphony.

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