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The villancico A la caça sus a la caça in the Cancionero Musical de Palacio (E-Mp II-1335) appears with the ascription "Luchas" (fights) that has been interpreted in different ways. It may not refer to a composer or it could refer to the composer Lucas Fernández or, less likely, to the ministril Antón Lucas. 

List of works

Source: E-Mp II-1335 ("Cancionero Musical de Palacio")
Work ID Title Ascription MS / Print Date
E-Mp II-1335 (ccxxviii/186r) A la caza sus a caza Luchas MS 15/4-16/1 (1496-1520)
Last modified: - 15 Feb 2020

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Fernando Sánchez-Pérez, "Luchas", Books of Hispanic Polyphony, ed. E. Ros-Fábregas (accession date: 25 Oct 2021),