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Quevedo Navas, Marcos de

Birth and death dates: 
Guatemala, fl.1662 — Ciudad de Guatemala, 31-X-1717
Birth date: 
17/3 (?)
Death date: 
18/1 (1717)
Periods of service: 
1662 — ? Catedral de Guatemala (choirboy)
1693 — 1717 Catedral de Guatemala (chapelmaster)

In some administrative documents of the Cathedral of Guatemala, in particular during the bishopric of Fray Andrés de las Navas y Quevedo (Bishop of Guatemala between 1683 and 1701) he signed as "Marcos de las Navas y Quevedo".



Journal volume and issue: 
Range of pages: 
95-124 / 125-155
Subject document: 
Type of publication: 
The entire issue of this journal is devoted to vocal polyphony exchanges between Europe and Latin America during the 16th and 17th centuries. The title of the volume is: Vokalpolyphonie zwischen Alter un Neuer Welt. Musikalische Austauschprozesse zwischen Europa und Lateinamerika im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert, eds. Jürgen Heidrich, Klaus Pietschmann and Nicole Schwindt. Consultation of the volume is available online; see the link below.

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Archivo Histórico Arquidiocesano de Guatemala, Fondo Cabildo, Caja “Cabildo Catedral, Inventarios, 1600-1800”, Libro 13, 15 de septiembre de 1704, fols. 43r-v.
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[Inventory of music books kept in the Cathedral of Guatemala on 15 September, 1704]
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