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Baptista, Gracia

Birth and death dates: 
fl. before 1557
Birth date: 
16/2 (?)
Death date: 
16/4 (?)

She was a nun organist and composer, and the author of the hymn Conditor alme siderum, included in the tablature book Libro de Cifra Nueva para tecla, arpa y vihuela (Alcalá de Henares, 1557) by Luis Venegas de Henestrosa [RISM V1108]. In the introductory study to the modern edition of this source, Higinio Anglés (1944), p. 178, annotated about the Gracia Baptista's piece (Nº. 107 within the edition):

"107. GRACIA BAPTISTA, monja. Conditor alme. Himno XXII.
Se trata del himno de Adviento Conditor alme siderum / aeterna lux credentium (CHEVALIER, 3733). Por la melodía gregoriana que sirve de cantus firmus, véase Antiphonale Romanum (1919), páginas 185 ss. Nos es desconocido el nombre de esta organista española".

See the edition of the piece by Anglés (1944) in open access (PDF format) in the series Monumentos de la Música Española 2, p. 155 of the music edition, through the link:

Josemi Lorenzo Arribas (1998), pp. 25-28, commented several typographical and printing mistakes in the original edition that resulted in a problematic transmission of the piece (the first Hispanic composition attributed to a woman), as well as an unsatisfactory historiographical projection of her composer, the nun Gracia Baptista.

See also Josemi Lorenzo Arribas (2011) for a more detailed study on Gracia Baptista, including a new edition of her Conditor alme siderum prepared by Bruno Forst.



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