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Riscos, Juan de (2)

Birth and death dates: 
Antequera, Málaga, before 16-XI-1590 – Toledo, 2-VIII-1619
Birth date: 
Death date: 

Nicknamed "el de Toledo"; he was nephew (or son?) of Juan Martínez [Martínez] de Riscos (1) and probably older brother of Juan Benítez [Benito] de Riscos (3). Based on literary sources, Miguel Querol stated that Riscos (2) set to music at least twenty villancicos for Christmas, Kings and Corpus festivals in 1615 writen by Luis de Góngora (then racionero of the Cordoba cathedral).

Periods of service: 
1608 (VIII) — 1612 (10-III) Colegiata de Antequera
1616 (16-IV) — 1618 (10-I) Catedral de Córdoba
1617 (23-X) — 1619 (2-VIII) Catedral de Toledo



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