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Herrera, Tomás de

Birth and death dates: 
fl. Cuzco, Perú, after 1611
Birth date: 
16/4 (?)
Death date: 
17/2 (?)

Oganist at Cuzco Cathedral since 16 August 1611. The three-voice Hijos de Eva tributarios in RA-BUmrr "Codex Zuola" is the only known piece attributed to him; it is most likely the extant oldest polyphonic piece composed in Peruvian territory.

Sources (MSS)

Date Provenance/Origins/Place of publication
RA-BAmrr "Codex Zuola" 17/4—18/1 Other countries, Américas, Bolivia, Cochabamba, Perú, Cuzco, Urquillos (Indian mission), Cuzco



Range of pages: 
vol. 6, 274-275
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Last modified: Emilio Ros-Fábregas - 15 Sep 2020

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