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Cortés, Cristóbal

Birth and death dates: 
fl. Zaragoza, ca. 1577 — d. IX-1594
Birth date: 
16/2 (?)
Death date: 
16/4 (1594)

Cristóbal Cortés was not born in Aragón. Pedrell (1897), vol. I, p. 420, without mentioning his source, stated that Cortés was "condiscípulo" (classmate) of Ginés Pérez de la Parra in Orihuela (Alicante). 

Calahorra (1978), vol. 2, pp. 129-135, presents the detailed references to Cristóbal Cortés in the documentation at El Pilar (Zaragoza). According to him, of this chapelmaster at El Pilar only two sacred works are extant in Zaragoza: In manus tuas and Procul recedant, both for four voices. The "Actas capitulares" mention the composition of "chanzonetas", but none have survived. The superius of a piece in Spanish, "Pasados contentamientos" (originally for four voices), attributed to him is extant in E-Mlg M 7-3-33; the text of this piece had already been transcribed by Pedrell in his entry for Cortés.

Periods of service: 
ca. 1577-1594, Iglesia del Pilar (maestro de capilla)

Sources (MSS)

Date Provenance/Origins/Place of publication
E-Mlg M 7-3-33 "Canciones musicales" 16/2-3


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