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E-MUc A-4 (19-38)

Order No.: 
In exitu Israel
Text incipit: 
In exitu Israel
No. of voices: 
19/2 (1844)
Remarks about MS: 

Según RISM: "Musical incipit 1.1.1 corresponds to the Gregorian intonation of the psalm by the priest, written in black notation (no time signature, and giving the values of the figures in brevis and semibrevis). Manuscript copy, appeared in the "Liber vesperarum" by Guerrero, originally printed in Roma, 1584 (see RISM A/I G 4873). Capital letters fairly decorated. Most of this psalm is for 4 parts (S, A, T, B); even though, there are small particular sections for 5 voices (S 1, 2, A, T, B), and even with not B ("Bassus tacet")".

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Last modified: Antonio Pardo-Cayuela - 03 Aug 2014

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