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D-Mbs 4 [RISM 1549/3] (Nº10)

Order No.: 
Hodie in Jordane baptizato domino
Text incipit: 
Hodie in Iordane baptizato domino
Text underlay: 
No. of voices: 
16/2 (1549)
Remarks about MS: 

In the tablas of the six partbooks of 1549/3, Hodie in Jordane baptizato domino is attributed to "M. Iehan", while all partbooks except the Tenor have an ascription to "Gombert" in the upper left margin of the page with the music of the first part of this motet. Curiously enough, the secunda pars of the piece, Descendit spiritus sanctus, is ascribed to "M. Iehan". RILM does not mention these conflicting ascriptions and attributed the piece to Gombert. The inventory in Printed Sacred Music Database attributes the work to "Iehan".


In RILM's inventory of 1549/3, "Hodie in Jordane baptizato" appears attributed to Nicholas Gombert, following the "Gombert" ascription that appears in the music of all the partbooks except the Tenor. However, this attribution should be questioned, since all the tablas in 1549/3 attribute the work to Maistre Jhan (not mentioned in RILM) and the same work is ascribed to this composer in 1555/12 and no other sources attribute the piece to Gombert. Most likely, the ascription to "Gombert" may be the result of an error in the printing process, suggested by the different layout of the music of this motet in the Tenor partbook without the Gombert ascription.

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