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E-AL 1

Libro de polifonía 1
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See also DIAMM.

Robert Snow (1990), p. 388, n. 4, described this manuscript as follows: "Alquézar MS 1, which now consists of sixty three paper folios measuring an average of 425 mm in height and 305 mm in width, is a composite book formed from remnants of several early seventeenth-century manuscripts that were rather haphazardly joined together toward the end of that century with various folios containing works copied but not necessarily composed in the second half of the century. Of the thirteen scribal hands that occur in the manuscript, seven seem to date from the early 1600s whereas the other six are characteristic of the latter half of the century. Eighteen different works appear in the book, eleven of which were copied by one or another of the scribes active early in the century; the seven others, among them the missa pro defunctis under consideration here, were copied by the various scribes active in the second half of the century. All seven works copied in the latter half of the century appear anonymously and concordances attributed to a composer have been found for only two of them: the missa pro defunctis and a work attributed to Robledo in several other sources. The composers of all but two of the eleven works copied early in the century have, however, been identified: Ghersem (1), Guerrero (1), Juan Pujol (3), Robledo (2) and Rogier (2)".

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See Snow (1990), pp. 387-428, for a comparison of different movements of a Missa Pro defunctis partially by Palestrina in E-AL 1 and E-Boc 10bis.

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