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E-MO 0769

Biblioteca, Ms. 769
Paper / Parchment: 
MS / Print: 
16/2 (1540)
No. of works: 
Physical description: 

For a description, see also DIAMM.

Colour of covers: 
dark brown
Remarks about MS/Print: 

Inventory under construction.

Similar cover to that of E-MO 773 of dark brown wood with broken buckles of brass and reinforcements of brass in the corners of front and back covers; one of the brass reinforcements (in the lower right corner) of the back cover is missing together with a piece of wood in the corner of the cover. The front cover is now separated from the rest of the volume. In the upper part of the front cover, the remais of a paper label reads: "r nº 1º". The inside paper glued to the front cover reads, in the upper left side: "nº 11 de magnificas de diferentes autores"; and just below it in pencil "MSS / 769". 

165 + ii paper of large folio size (41,5 x 60 cm.) with modern pencil foliation

1r Blank folio
1v-7r Magnificat "Primi et 6ti toni Benedictus" [red letters also for the rest of titles and ascriptions]. Et exultavit. 2, 4 and 5vv. Sicut erat 4 + "Canon Duo in carne una?" (red letters)

7v-13r "Mag. Primi toni Clemens non papa". Et exultavit. 3, 4 and 5 voices. Sicut erat "Doulce memoire en plaisir consonince ?" in red letters under the text incipit of S.

13v-14r Blank

14v-20 "Primi Toni. Benedictus". Et exsultavit. 2, 3, 4 , 6 voices. Sicut erat "Fuga in eodem" in red letters in the upper margins of 19v and 20r and above the T, "in eodem" also in red before the other voices.

20v-21r Blank

21v-26r "Primi toni. Duo. Benedictus". Et exultavit. For 2 and 3 vv

26v-27r Blank

27v-33r "Secundi toni. Benedictus". Et exultavit. 2, 3 and 4 vv.

33v-39r "Secundi Toni. Cle[mens non Papa]" Et exultavit (3, 4 and 5 vv).

39v-40r Blank

40v-46r "Secundi Toni. Benedictus" (2, 3, 4 and 5 voices). Sicut erat: "Fuga in diapente" in red in the upper margin of 45r; a later hand added in black ink "sub" to read "Fuga in sub diapente".

46v-47r Blank

47v-53r "Tertii toni. Benedictus" (2, 3, 4vv)

53v-59r "Tertii et oc[tavi] toni. Cle.[mens] non papa". Et exultavit (3, 4 and 5vv)

59v-60r Blank

60v-66r "Tertii Toni. Jacotin" Et exultavit (2, 3, 4 vv). Blank folios owing to "duo" on the other side.
62v Blank
65r Blank

66v-67r Blank

67v-73r "Quarti thoni [sic]. Benedictus". Et exultavit (3, 4 and 5vv)

73v-80r "Quarti toni. Clemens non papa". Et exultavit (3, 4, 6 vv) 

80v-81r Blank

81v-87r "Quarti Toni. Johanes mouton". Et exultavit (2, 3, 4 vv)

87v-88 Blank

88v-94r "Quinti thoni" [sic] Anon. Et exultavit (2, 3, 4vv)

94v-95r Blank

95v-101r "Quinti toni. Benedictus". Et exultavit (2, 4 vv)

101v- 107r "Quinti Toni. Clemens non papa" Et exultavit (2, 4 and 5vv)

107v-108r Blank

108v- 114r "Sexti toni. Benedictus" Et exultavit (2, 3, 4 and 5vv). Sicut erat: fol. 113v, above T: "Canon. Fuga. In subdiapenthe" (word Canon in red letters).

114v-121r "Sexti Toni. Clemens non Papa" Et exultavit. 2, 3, 4, 6.
119v At the beginning of the Sicut erat in principio (a 6), in the upper margin, with red letters: "Je prens en gre"

121v- 122r Blank

122v-127r "Sexti thoni. Benedictus". Et exultavit (Sicut erat section is missing). 2, 3, 4 vv. A later hand has crossed out with a line the ascription to Benedictus and below has written "Rogerus".

127v-128r Blank

128v-134 "Septimi Toni. Benedictus". Et exultavit. (2, 3, 4 and 5 vv)

134v-140r "Septimi Toni. Cle.[mens] non Papa". Et exulavit. (2, 3, 4 and 5 vv)

140v-141r Blank

141v-147r "Septimi thoni". Anon.  Et exultavit. 3, 4vv. On fol. 142, to the black initial of the voice designation of the "B", it has been added in read "arriton" to read "Barriton". The rest of the voice designations of the B for this piece are (in black ink): Bassus or Bas.

147v-148r Blank

148v-155r "Octavi thoni. Benedictus" Et exultavit (with increasing number of voices for each movement). Et exultavit (2), Quia fecit (3), Fecit potentiam (4), Esurientes (5), Sicut locutus (6), Sicut erat (7).

155v-156r Blank

156v-162r "Octavi thoni". Anon. Et exultavit (3, 4 and 5vv)

162v-163r Blank

163v-165r "Octavi toni. Cest vne dure deptie". Anon. Incomplete.
Et exultavit 4vv (163v-164r),
Quia fecit 4vv (164v-165r). In the upper margin of 164v, in red ink: "Pour ung plaisir q sy peu dure"
Fecit potentiam (165v; S and T only). In the upper margin of 165v, in red ink: "Cest a grand tort".

At least four leaves have been cut entirely. A blank guard leaf has been numbered 166; a second blank leaf has not been numbered. 

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