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E-MO 0771

Biblioteca, Ms. 771
Paper / Parchment: 
MS / Print: 
16/2 (1540)
No. of works: 
Physical description: 

E-MO 771 has lost original covers, but has part of the original brown spine. Now is kept in a modern light blu "carpeta de cintas". 

Folios measure approximately 38,4 x 54,5. See watermark foto of letter "P" taken from fol. 7

For a description, see also DIAMM.

Remarks about MS/Print: 


1r Blank, except for "Mss. 771" in the upper right hand and the folio number 1 both added in pencil.

1v-28r "Missa Plus oultre. Jo. Lupi"

28v-29r Blank

29v52r "Missa Padonne moy. Benedictus"

52v-53r Blank

53v-72r "Missa Es haet eim sini / Matheus Gascongne"
Voices have  : Kyrie Es hat eim sim eleyson

72v-73r Blank

73v-95r "MIssa Stephane gloriose / Petrus Molu"

95v-96r Blank

96v-114r "Missa Quatuor vocum Theo. Verelst"

114v-115r Blank

115v-130r "Missa La plus gorgiasse"    [Anon.]   There is a "Missa La plus gorgiase" attributed to Jheronimus Vinders in VienNB 11883 (fols. 64r-75r, 4vv) with Title: [Missa] p. alamyr. Ref. CMME

130v-131r Blank

131v-143r "Missa brevis Hesdin"

143v-144r Blank

144v-     "Missa Ad placitum benedictus"  [Appenzeller] There is a concordance in VienNB 4810, fols. 85v-101r, Anon.

[Microfilm is incomplete; it has only up to fol. 151r, but the manuscript has 158 paper folios]



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