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E-MO 0773

Biblioteca, Ms. 773
Paper / Parchment: 
MS / Print: 
16/1 (1516)
No. of works: 
Physical description: 

Brown covers of wood with broken buckles of brass and reinforcements of brass in the corners of front and back covers. In the upper part of the front cover, the remais of a paper label reads: "nº 3". The inside paper glued to the front cover reads, in the upper left side: "nº 16" and just below it in pencil "MSS / 773". 

Modern foliation in pencil on the upper right corner 1-124; remains of folios entirely cut close to the binding (without music) have been numbered from 125-129. 

Parchment leaves measure approximately 56,5 x 37,5 cm. Gatherings are mostly quaternions with some ternons and a binion.

For a description, see also DIAMM. On the mise en-page of this manuscript, see The Production and Reading of Music Sources (PRoMS):

Colour of covers: 
dark brown
Submission’s author: 

List of works in source

Order No. Work ID Title Ascription Attribution Based on music by
01 E-MO 773 (1r-13r) Missa de Sancta Anna Anon. La Rue, Pierre de
02 E-MO 773 (14v-29r) Missa Inviolata de 'la' Rue La Rue, Pierre de
03 E-MO 773 (30v-44r) Missa Ave Maria Anon. La Rue, Pierre de
04 E-MO 773 (45v-60r) Missa O gloriosa Margaretha / O gloriosa [domina] Petrus de 'la' rue La Rue, Pierre de
05 E-MO 773 (61v-79r) Missa de Sancta Cruce p. de 'la' rue La Rue, Pierre de
06 E-MO 773 (79v-84r) Missa O salutaris hostia Petrus de 'la' rue La Rue, Pierre de
07 E-MO 773 (85v-98r) Missa de Sancto Job Anon. La Rue, Pierre de
08 E-MO 773 (99v-115r) Missa Alleluia p. de 'la' rue La Rue, Pierre de
09 E-MO 773 (115v-124r) Missa de Feria p. de 'la' rue La Rue, Pierre de
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