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E-Mp II-1335 ("Cancionero Musical de Palacio")

Ms. II-1335 ("Cancionero Musical de Palacio")
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15/4-16/1 (1496-1520)
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For a recent discussion of the codicology and origins of this manuscript, see Ros-Fábregas (2016-2017). See also DIAMM. On the mise en-page of this manuscript, see The Production and Reading of Music Sources (PRoMS):



For a digital reproduction of this manuscript, see the following link:

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List of works in source

Order No. Work ID Title Ascription Attribution Based on music by
001 E-Mp II-1335 ([0]'-i) Nunca fue pena mayor J vrrede Wreede [Urreda/Urrede], Johannes [Juan]
002 E-Mp II-1335 (i'-ii) Pues que dios te hizo tal Cornago Cornago, Juan [Johannes]

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